Bonsai Care

            Bonsai Maintenance and Consulting           

Artist: Heiné de Waal

What is a Bonsai?

The Japanese word "Bonsai" means “tree in a pot”, but a proper bonsai is more than just a tree in a pot. A true bonsai is 80% art and 20% horticulture.

In some parts of the world, the art of Bonsai has been acknowledged as a true form of art. Collectors invest in a bonsai as they would in a painting. They will have a dedicated bonsai expert to look after their investment. A Bonsai which is maintained properly and which is cared for, becomes a priceless heirloom over time.

It is easy to keep a bonsai healthy and alive, but it is more complicated to keep it looking beautiful and proper - which increases its value! Therefore it is important to make use of a specialist who is well versed and experienced in this form of art.


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